Embroidery Services

Embroidery Services Available at Initially Yours BoutiqueEmbroidery is the art of using thread to decorate cloth by looping the thread over and over again tightly in any given design. This technique makes for a unique keepsake that will last through much wear and tear without peeling of the decoration. At Initially Yours LLC, we use a special machine that, along with our talented staff’s skill, will beautifully create almost any design you want on several of our products. Popular designs include initials, monograms, florals, and names, but we are happy to figure out any challenge you would like to hand us. These designs can go on any number of products including tote bags, blankets, shirts, hats,  pillows, pet collars, work polo’s, and almost any promotional item you can dream up. We are adding to our arsenal all the time.  Call or email to see how we can make your wedding, baby shower, birthday, or day to day keepsake Initially Yours.